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MS 01-04A
4 piece manicure set. Black leather casing. Easy to carry in a clutch or a purse. Makes an excellent Gift. ON CLEARANCE!!!!
MS 01-04C
ON CLEARANCE!!!! 4 piece Manicure Set in a crocodile imitation brown leather casing. Easy to put in a purse or a clutch. Makes a great Gift.
MS 01-04B
ON CLEARANCE!!!! 4 pc Manicure Set. Dark Brown Snake imitation leather casing. Easy to carry inside a purse or clutch. Makes an excellent gift.
MS 01-04D
ON CLEARANCE!!! 4 piece Manicure set. Has a Burgundy crocodile imitation leather casing. Very easy to carry in a purse or a clutch. Excellent gift item.
MS 01-04E
ON CLEARANCE!!!! 4 pc manicure set. Comes with in a cream color crocodile imitation leather casing. Superb gift item.
MS 04-05
ON CLEARANCE!!!! 5 piece Black Crocodile imitation leather casing Manicure Set. Excellent Excellent as a Gift.
MS 11-06A
ON CLEARANCE!!! 6 pc Manicure set in Black color. A great gift item.
MS 05-06
ON CLEARANCE!!! 6 piece Manicure Set. Has a Baby Pink color beautiful casing. Excellent Gift product.
MS 03-08
ON CLEARANCE!!! Burgundy crocodile solid leather 8 piece manicure set. Excellent gift item.
MS 08-08
ON CLEARANCE!!! 8 Piece Heart Shape Manicure Set. A beautiful gift for your loved one.
MS 02-07
Manicure set 7 piece in burgundy color. An excellent gift item.
MS 06-07C
A 7 pc Manicure Set in a very pretty PINK color. A gift your loved one would love at lot!
MS 01-07
ON CLEARANCE!!! Brown 7 piece manicure set made of excellent quality snake imitation leather.
MS 06-07A
ON CLEARANCE!!! 7 Pc Manicure set in a beautiful pastel green color casing. Carries excellent quality manicure metal implements. Perfect Gift item.
A beautiful mirror polish finish stylist bracelet. Free shipping!
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