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Please note these are high quality manicure tools. Hand crafted and finished. The low prices you see here are because you are at a wholesale place.

This is a Wholesale Outlet for beauty metal implements

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This is a 15 pc black head and white head removal kit. Used widely by estheticians.
A complete salon kit for the modern day Esthetician. Complete with all the needed tools. Available at an excellent price!
A 9 pc salon set consisting of metal implements used to remove black heads and white heads. Excellent price offer!
Excellent quality cuticle scissors and nail scissors. Perfect for manicure purpose.
Barrel spring toe nail nipper. Made of excellent quality stainless steel. Mirror polish surface. Size 5.75 in.
Stainless steel Nail cutter. Concave jaw, lap joint. Size 4 in.
Nail cutter of good quality stainless steel. Mirror polish finish. Size 5.75 in.
Stainless steel Nail cutter.
0340 NNM
Nail nipper with single wire spring. Matt finish surface. Tip size 7 mm. Length 4 in. Excellent quality stainless steel. Used for nipping cuticles and hand nails in manicure pedicure.
Nail nipper made of high quality stainless steel. Tip size 8 mm. Length 4 in. Matt finish. Used for nipping cuticles and hand nails in manicure.
Cuticle nipper. Concave Jaw 4 mm. Stainless steel. Size 4 in. Lap joint.
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