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Excellent quality manicure sets are available at The Shears Depot. Please take a look below to find a product of your choice. We are offering excellent promotional prices and you would find the products at The Shears Depot always to your satisfaction. We carry manicure sets of different varieties and sizes.

The manicure sets carried by The Shears Depot have inside them very high quality beauty metal implements. These manicure sets have some lovely looking casings. The sizes that our manicure sets come in makes it very easy to carry them inside a purse, handbag or a clutch. 

Our manicure sets make excellent gift items. The variety of manicure sets that you will find below in our collection are ideal to be given away as gifts and also for promotional activities.

Please take a look at our manicure sets below.

MS 01-04A
4 piece manicure set. Black leather casing. Easy to carry in a clutch or a purse. Makes an excellent Gift. ON CLEARANCE!!!!
MS 01-04C
ON CLEARANCE!!!! 4 piece Manicure Set in a crocodile imitation brown leather casing. Easy to put in a purse or a clutch. Makes a great Gift.
MS 01-04B
ON CLEARANCE!!!! 4 pc Manicure Set. Dark Brown Snake imitation leather casing. Easy to carry inside a purse or clutch. Makes an excellent gift.
MS 01-04D
ON CLEARANCE!!! 4 piece Manicure set. Has a Burgundy crocodile imitation leather casing. Very easy to carry in a purse or a clutch. Excellent gift item.
MS 01-04E
ON CLEARANCE!!!! 4 pc manicure set. Comes with in a cream color crocodile imitation leather casing. Superb gift item.
MS 04-05
ON CLEARANCE!!!! 5 piece Black Crocodile imitation leather casing Manicure Set. Excellent Excellent as a Gift.
MS 11-06A
ON CLEARANCE!!! 6 pc Manicure set in Black color. A great gift item.
MS 05-06
ON CLEARANCE!!! 6 piece Manicure Set. Has a Baby Pink color beautiful casing. Excellent Gift product.
MS 11-06B
ON CLEARANCE!!! 6 piece Manicure set in Navy color casing. Excellent for a gift.
MS 09-06
ON CLEARANCE!!! 6 Piece Manicure Set in a beautiful Heart Shape. A perfect gift for your loved ones.
MS 03-08
ON CLEARANCE!!! Burgundy crocodile solid leather 8 piece manicure set. Excellent gift item.
MS 08-08
ON CLEARANCE!!! 8 Piece Heart Shape Manicure Set. A beautiful gift for your loved one.
MS 02-07
Manicure set 7 piece in burgundy color. An excellent gift item.
TSD - 0206
ON CLEARANCE!!! This is a 6 pc manicure set with red velvet inner. Beautiful black leather casing. Free & fast shipping of your manicure set!
MS 06-07C
A 7 pc Manicure Set in a very pretty PINK color. A gift your loved one would love at lot!
MS 01-07
ON CLEARANCE!!! Brown 7 piece manicure set made of excellent quality snake imitation leather.
MS 06-07B
ON CLEARANCE!!! 7 pc manicure set carrying superb quality metal beauty implements. Beautiful case. Excellent to be given as a gift.
MS 06-07A
ON CLEARANCE!!! 7 Pc Manicure set in a beautiful pastel green color casing. Carries excellent quality manicure metal implements. Perfect Gift item.
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