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    We are authorized distributors of Kamisori shears.

    You will find reduced prices on Kamisori shears with us.



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    A favourite for celebrity hairdressers, this Patented tool is the finest professional texturizer in the industry. Great control, soft cuts, innovative design and extra long life are combined in one .
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    Light weight Hitachi steel ergonomically shaped to delivery soft cuts with minimum effort.
    The Double Dragon is hand crafted by senior Japanese craftsmen with skills passed on from generation to generation. This super shear is designed for advanced slice and slide cutting.
    Quality Japanese craftsmanship designed for all types of tasks. Precise and balanced.
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    The ultimate professional shears. Each pair hand burnished from the finest Damascus steel. Perfect balance, unparalleled sharpness; a masterpiece of elegance.
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    Unbelievable performance, innovative design and lifetime durability make this tool a perfect investment.
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    The Musashi provides precision accuracy from pivot to point. Made from Molybdenum premium steel.
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    Superior versatility and durability that will enable the user to cut with incredible speed, power and precision without damaging a strand of hair . Made from V-10 Cobalt steel.
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    Rivaling the Teuton, this extreme edged six star tool is made for high speed precision cutting. Engraved handles for better leverage.
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    Anatomically precise technology. A highly durable tool made for the advanced stylist.
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    As with all our Damascus shears, this extreme edged tool is made in Japan by some of the most respected scissor artisans. A fine tool for the creative professional.
    Experience a forged six-star Kamisori scissor that is designed with perfection in mind. Three dimensional cutting edges, Cobalt ATS-314 super steel and Japanese construction make this tool a hairdressers dream.
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