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When you browse the list of products available at The Shears Depot, you will find only the very best grooming shears for cutting human hair.  Just as a carpenter knows what tools to use for which projects and a painter knows which brushes create the right effect, so too does a skilled stylist know what shears work best on his or her client’s hair.  Scissors for sewing and scissors for arts and crafts simply do not cut it as implements for trimming, thinning, and styling hair.  Similarly, hair cutting scissors should never be used for any other purpose aside from cutting hair because doing so may damage the specialized blades. 

Grooming shears are specially designed with the actions they are used to perform in mind.  For this reason, some grooming shears have teeth, others have carefully calibrated straight blades, and still others are curved .

The Shears Depot is not only an excellent resource for purchasing hair and nail care tools.  We provide our customers with detailed information about how to choose the right tools for the job and how to take care of the products that they buy so that all purchases made through The Shears Depot leave the customer satisfied and pleased with the way we do business.

 If you take proper care of the grooming shears purchased through our website by carefully cleaning and sterilizing them in solutions that will not corrupt the blades, by storing them in a dry place, and by oiling them periodically, your shears should retain their high quality through 400-500 hair cuts.  That represents a pretty impressive return on your investment.


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