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Nail Care Products 101: The Essentials for Every Manicure Set

Nail Care Products 101: The Essentials for Every Manicure Set


At-home manicures can be a lot of fun, but when you look at the finished product, it often doesn’t seem nearly as good as the ones you’ve gotten in beauty salons or nail spas. Nail care is a professional art for a reason; there are lots of tools and tricks of the trade that can stand between you and a beautiful at-home manicure. Beyond nail polish and sealant, we’ve broken down the rest of the nail care products you need to get gorgeous nails without the price of going to nail salons.

Nail Cutters


You probably grew up with your mom using nail cutters to trim your toe and finger nails, but those basic ones aren’t high enough quality for a good manicure. You’re going to want stainless steel nail nippers with a salon-quality edge, or else you’re risking a ragged edge on your nails. It’s basically the difference between cutting your hair by snipping straight across the bottom or by getting a cut at a salon. Sure, both get the hair shorten, but which is going to look nicer? The same goes for nail cutters. Quality is better.


Nail Nippers


Nail nippers are often smaller and more precise than nail cutters, and are used for getting a precise edge on the corners of your finger and toe nails. Particularly if the edges of your nails bend down sharply, you’re going to want nail nippers for those corners. Nail cutters make a nice edge on the tops of your nails, but shaping a precise oval requires nail nippers. They’re also particularly useful when it comes to pedicures, since those nails are often sharply sloped.


Cuticle Nippers


Cuticle nippers, or cuticle scissors, are much smaller and more precise than nail nippers, and they have a flat edge to help remove excess cuticles without actually piercing the skin and leaving a hole behind. Cuticle nippers are essential for removing the excess without damaging your cuticles, and they’re usually the main reason your at-home manicure doesn’t look as good as the beauty salon’s.


Cuticle Pushers


Orange sticks are the most popular cuticle pushers and it’s not uncommon at nail spas to hear someone say “orange stick” even when the cuticle pushers they’re using are something else. Orange sticks are very good, but there are other quality cuticle pushers and it’s usually best to experiment with a few options to find the best ones for your nails.


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Julie Sullivan - July 15, 2009

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